Happiness is…stringy cheese!

So I spent the day yesterday trying to organize my thoughts on how I wanted to continue on my blog resolution. I figured I would start when something inspired me to do so…and it came to me tonight.  

The kids and I sat down for supper and I was watching my two and a half year old try mozza sticks for the first time. He was watching everyone else and saw that they were all having fun pulling on the warm melted cheese and making it all stringy. So he wanted to try, too. This was the result:

This picture speaks to me and really touches my heart. For those who know Nixon, they will know that he is a ball of sunshine and loves to see how things work. He is a wonderful little spirit who, even at such a young age, expresses such joy in little things. I will always remember this experience and how he declared: I love sh-tringy cheese, Mama! It so good!

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